Art Direction

Over the past twenty years, I've directed projects large and small. Full video campaigns, banner ads, rich media advertising and more. 
I can work with your existing content or create attention grabbing concepts based on your brand identity. My ideal client wants to successfully communicate new messages to their audience, or to gain expanded audience via a new message. My goal is to be your creative partner.
Client: American Express
Project: Gold Card Benefits
I art directed 4 videos extolling the benefits of the American Express Business Gold Card. I designed the set and the animated sequences. The photography in the motion graphics sequences was a mix of stock and my photography.
Client: Mitchum, Continental Airlines, Outback Steakhouse
Project:  Various (Banner Ads)
Here are 3 examples of banner ads that I've directed from conception to completion.

Outback Steakhouse: Graduation Campaign

Mitchum Deodorant: Mitchum Man Campaign

Continental Airlines: Zagat Partnership Campaign

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