Tell me your message and we'll make it come alive through our collaboration.
If you don't have content, I'll create it. A logo, photography or style guide- I'll build your message through a combination of those elements.
Client: Digitas Health
Project: "Dry-Eye" Web Graphics
I animated the following graphics for use on our client's website, in SMS messages and at promotional events.
Client: Noble Hound Training
Project: Logo
This 3 color logo is based on a photograph of the business owner's loyal and beloved friend. The business owner is also a loyal and beloved friend (of mine).
Client: hello, spoon!
Project: Logo, Packaging
Here's a logo I designed for San Francisco-based baby-food company hello... well you can guess their name from the logo maybe.
Client: United Scenic Artists, Union Application
Project: Various
I'm in the process of applying for admission into The United Scenic Artists Union. The pieces below were created for my admission portfolio.

Here is a pre-comp of signage replacing existing signs in a
current outer borough neighborhood. I created the “Domenico’s, Golden Wall, Tony Star and music store signage.

Unretouched photo.

Client: AETN
Project: Various
I have designed artwork for many series and movies broadcast by A&E Television Networks and its partners. In the following examples, I've created all text/logo treatments. Photography for Bigfoot Captured, Storage Wars, Nazi Gospels and Big Rig Bounty Hunters was created by me.