Over the past twenty years, I've directed projects large and small. Full video campaigns, banner ads, rich media advertising and more. 
I can work with your existing content or create attention-grabbing concepts based on your brand identity. My ideal client wants to successfully communicate new messages to their audience, or to gain expanded audience via a fresh idea. My goal is to be your creative partner.
Client: T. DiPietro / Kris Delaney Collaboration
Project: WoodWater, Grain Surfboards
I acted as co-director of photography and videographer on this film about the people at Grain Surfboards and their fabulous work in Maine.
Client: American Express
Project: Gold Card Benefits
I art-directed four videos extolling the benefits of the American Express Business Gold Card. I designed the set and the animated sequences. The photography in the motion graphics sequences was a mix of stock and my photography.
Client: Mitchum, Continental Airlines, Outback Steakhouse
Project:  Various (Banner Ads)
Here are 3 examples of banner ads that I've directed from conception to completion.

Outback Steakhouse: Graduation Campaign

Mitchum Deodorant: Mitchum Man Campaign

Continental Airlines: Zagat Partnership Campaign